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ABOUT US | To help entities optimize their organizational performance

“Pro” is short for the word project. “Stratus” means a cloud of a class characterized by a grey, horizontal layer with a uniform base. Therefore, our name indicates the approach we take with our clients, namely a holistic, 360 degree project based approach in understanding our clients requirements, ensuring that their needs are truly met on time, within an acceptable and affordable budget, and within the scope and quality that they expect. With our work, we help clients elevate their businesses.

The solutions we deliver take our clients to the next level of performance. Our staff are experienced and possess credentials in project management, software development, networking, and various lean methodologies, which we believe is crucial for the delivery of quality service and results for our clients.

We provide the intimate, personalized service that larger establishments only claim to provide, but can deliver solutions at the same level of value and quality that the market expects.